Your terms and conditions of use

We hope you enjoy your product, and raise all the funds you need for your special event or good cause. We aim to constantly offer the very best value in fund raising products and I am sure in our current economic climate our choice to reduce our products to £5 will be a welcome help to everyone.

As a result of our low prices to help you we would request that you do not re-sell our products. we are part of the VeRO system on eBay and anyone found offering our products in any format will have them removed immediately.

We also offer a loyalty scheme that allows you to build up credit on every purchase you make as well as via our referals scheme that you can participate in if you choose to do so.

Unlike some other companies that "hire or rent" their race night products we "sell" ours. So any products that you purchase from us are yours to keep. You can run your race night events as often as you like. The only thing we ask is that if one of your friends or collegues needs a race night product, dont lend them yours - tell there where you purchased yours from and how fantastically cheap it was - £5 is not out of the way of anyones pocket.

The other thing that we dont do at the Race Night Centre is take any profit from your event. We have heard over the many years some horror stories of people using companies to run their event, hiring a product (thats never yours) and then the company keep 40%+ of your profits. We dont do anything appart from sell you the product and browsing our site will give you enough insight into running your event - even the first timer will have the confidence to raise money.

Thank you for your much appreciated custom - feedback is always welcome as this allows us to continue to provide you with kits that you need in the future and tailor them around what works best for everyone.