About us

The Race Night Centre have been producing race night entertainment for over 10yr. During this time we have steadily increased our catalogue of race kits to be able to provide you with well over 20 different kits. All of our kits are completely designed from the ground up by ourselves from our vast library of still (1200) unused races, that are our own property.

We do not sell our races to other companies, and the only place you will be able to purchase our product is via our websites. If you have purchased your rece kit from somewhere else or have a disc based version during the past 6 months you have more than likely purchased an inferior product at a much higher price than we offer. We will not be offering any help or advice for products purcahsed from other poeple.

We have been classically trained in Graphic Design and as a result we can offer a fresh product to support the races you purchase, adding a sense of realism to your even, and becasue we product the work ourselves it makes it easy to personalise* any additional sheets or programs to your likeling if this option is required (*additional fees apply).

The Race Night Centre have constantly looked at the most cost effecitve ways to bring you exciting race night fund raising products that will help you raise those all important funds, but also to create a product that you can use and feel comfortable using. This was accomplished via our DVD mail order products that all ran from a simple menu driven dvd - you simply popped the dvd in the player and pressed to run each race at a time frame you wanted to.

We moved on in late 2010 to the beginnings of the service that you are using today - downloadable races. Due to increasing requests from ex-pats and bar owners living abroad for a product they could use we decided to offer this as a service direct to them. It was later opened up to a site wide option after we began receiving desperate requests from organisers who had been let down by other providers who had simply not processed their orders or whos orders had got lost in the postal system - we have had our fair share of lost products for our own customers too so can sympathise.

We began developing download products only mid 2012 and as a resutl we now have a range of 10+ kits exclusive to download - these will be the initial kits offered on our site. we may or may not bring in the older kits that were converted from DVD to download in the future.

2015 sees the final and complete step towards a digital only service. The demand for mail order has been in steady decline during 2014 with the increase pushing towards download - so the Race Night Centre is again proud to be able to offer a fantastic range of products all carrying the same price of £10 with the exception of one or of the smaller quantity kits that are priced at £5. We are as committed as ever to ensure the anyone organising a fund raising event can get hold of the base product for as little outlay as possible. We know you will be able to maximise your fund raising efforts using any of our kits and additional sheets.